We design interfaces for communication.


2K/DENMARK was founded in 1987 as 2Krogh, a graphic design startup that took it’s name from it’s two founders Liv and Klaus Krogh. The name was changed to 2K/DENMARK in conjunction with our 25th anniversary celebrations in 2012. 2K/DENMARK are designers, turned typesetters, turned software developers, turned type designers.

Today we offer a range of services, both digital and in printed media, delivering only high quality results. We work with publishers around the world and have over the years specialised in the design and typesetting of highly complex texts, among which the Bible holds a prominent and prestigious position. In our Development department we design natively digital texts and publishing platforms, based on our knowledge of both the traditional typesetting and the digital medium in which it is contextualised.

Our list of clients will show that we have been around for many years, but partnering with us does not result in outdated design – we are constantly on the edge of technological development, and will rather develop solutions on our own than wait for others to provide them.

Core values

The core values of 2K/DENMARK are made as promises to our clients. This is how they are expressed:

  • High Quality in our service to clients, in-house training, design process, book design and typesetting
  • Reliability when it comes to of deadlines pre-calculations, and quotations
  • Innovation in design, product development, and tools
  • Leading-edge in regard to technology, design, and typography