Digital is more than just digitalised.


Having experience with both print and digital textual communication at 2K/DENMARK, we know the different affordances and characteristics of both media. In our development department, we design natively digital texts and publishing platforms based on our knowledge of both traditional typesetting and the digital medium in which it is contextualised. Our bible reading app, BibleOn, is a good example of this.

By focus on the text and typographic quality, we improve the readability and thereby the user experience, which is further enhanced and aided by the thoughtful design of intuitive interfaces for frictionless user interaction.

To achieve these lofty goals we need extraordinary tools. That is why we developed our unique cross-platform Text Layout Engine, which gives us typographic control of the text and layout, which is impossible using the conventional HTML/CSS or EPUB standards.

Digital products from 2K/DENMARK are

Well designed

  • print-like reading experience
  • thoughtfully implemented functionality
  • integrated production and publishing workflow

Easy to use

  • user-friendly interface
  • highly readable content
  • balanced in terms of familiarity and innovation

Truly digital

  • interactive and dynamic
  • expandable and adaptable to users' and publishers' needs
  • continually developed and refined