500 years of experience made new.


At 2K/DENMARK we have designed and typeset books for 30 years. With our many years of experience, we continuously optimise our workflows and routines to create books you would want to experience with more that your eyes. As objects you would want to hold.

We have over the years specialised in the design and typesetting of highly complex texts, among which the Bible holds a prominent and prestigious position, but we also design trade books, text books, periodicals, hymnbooks, magazines and more.

Additionally, we help publishers with product development as well (see for example Concepts). We explore and experiment with formats and conventions. Benefitting from being in the business for almost three decades, we know our suppliers. Selecting the right format for your product, the best suitable paper quality, binding style, acquiring the best print prices from the best printers, reaching all deadlines and delivery on time is just a short list of what we can help you with.