What our clients have said about us.

2K/Denmark is a wonderful design firm. They do extraordinary design work, as well as vertical publishing. Their emphasis is on beautiful typography, with in-house design of many of their own fonts.
— Linda Secondari, Creative Director for Global Academic, Oxford University Press

… one of the most creative and thoughtful companies you could work with. They bring to digital publishing an understanding of traditional book publishing, typography, and design that is unique, and it shows in the way they work with publishers and in their products.
Klaus and his team combine a deep knowledge of traditional publishing with an excellent understanding of technology and digital products. They are creative, responsible, and engaged partners in every aspect and I highly recommend them.
— David Miller, President & Publisher at Island Press

… we have been impressed by both their design flair and their ability to develop their own technical systems and platforms to offer varied solutions to the challenges that is part and parcel of Bible origination.
They always take a very hands on and interactive role often taking the initiative on projects which they are able to do through their deep experience and product knowledge. They are able to work with other existing product partners in a fairly seamless manner.
— Robert Groser, Production & Sales manager at Cambridge University Press

I have had the privilege of working closely with Klaus Krogh and Thomas Silkjaer for the past 5 years in the publication of the Life Application Study Bible App for the iOS platform. Over that time, I have been continually impressed with their commitment to publishing Christian resources and Bibles with a degree of excellence that is exemplary of the very best in our industry.
— Blaine Smith, Associate Publisher at Tyndale Publishing House

… I think the end result – a full text with a beautifully designed page that is clear and easy to read – will serve a new generation of students and readers.
— Donald Kraus, Executive Editor at Oxford University Press, on the New Oxford Annotated Bible

Klaus and his team are an excellent resource for design, development and programming whether it be books or Bibles in print and digital formats. They are comfortable with writing scripts to execute programming, improve workflow, or design intricate applications for consumer use.
They have a variety of skills that you seldom find under one roof. They are easy to work with, pay incredible attention to detail, work very hard on the front-end to develop solutions that work on the back-end, and give both the publisher and the end user a wonderful experience.
In addition to being a firm that understands both the art and science of design and publishing, they work hard to help you build and grow your business through their creative solutions.
— Ricky D. King, Senior Vice President of Trade Product Development at B&H Publishing Group

We have engaged with 2K regarding several large and small scale digital projects, and we have been continually impressed by them on multiple levels. They are remarkably thorough, dedicated, and inventive in all aspects of their approach to whatever challenges we throw their way. 2K’s depth and breadth of knowledge of multiple aspects of traditional publishing — from typography to design to composition and manufacturing — and the myriad arenas of digital publishing and development. 2K is an extraordinary outfit.
— Tim Jones, Director of Design and Production at Harvard University Press

When I met Klaus Krogh of 2K/DENMARK back in 2015, I knew that if anyone was up to the challenge, it was he and his incredible team at 2K. To our delight, the three typefaces have achieved our original goals, and gone far beyond. 2K has given us the tools to design beautiful Bibles that are more readable than anything in comparison.
— Melinda Bouma, Associate Publisher at HarperCollins Christian Publishing