Type Design

We create the tools of textual communication.


It is 2K/’s ambition as a type foundry to optimise the relation between form and content – to create letterforms reflecting and supporting the message they bring. Quality matching the content.

Faces – the most basic tool

Typefaces are faces; the most basic tool for human communication. Faces portray emotions with both precision and subtlety. They can be inviting, solemn or energetic. The interpretation of facial communication happens subconsciously – we often times can’t tell if the expression was composed from the wide open eyes or the tight smile. But what is expressed is immediately and inescapeably felt, even though we can’t exactly pinpoint, why we get that feeling.

It is inevitable that faces do express something. It is essential in society to be able to find the right face for the given situation. The same is the case regarding typefaces; the most basic tool for textual communication. The right choice of typeface is an essential part of establishing a connection between the messenger and the recepient. With our tailormade custom typeface designs, we strive to create direction and intensity in this emotional connection.

More than just aesthetics

Type design is not merely an aesthetic discipline. Rather it is a field demanding a range of different skills: typograhic knowledge and fingerspitzengefühl, micro-engineering and programming. On the surface, the result of our work are aesthetically pleasing design objects, but under the hood each font is an advanced piece of software programmed to control e.g. the relative space between letter-pairs or a context-based handling of ligatures and glyph variants.

At 2K/ we have all these skillsets in-house and have made custom type designs for the most discerning group of clients: Bible publishers and others for whom the text is the product. Here’s what one of them said about our work:

When I met Klaus Krogh of 2K/DENMARK back in 2015, I knew that if anyone was up to the challenge, it was he and his incredible team at 2K. To our delight, the three typefaces have achieved our original goals, and gone far beyond. 2K has given us the tools to design beautiful Bibles that are more readable than anything in comparison.

Melinda Bouma
Associate Publisher at HarperCollins Christian Publishing