Type Design

We create the tools of textual communication.


Producing more than 150 Bibles each year combined with 30 years of experience has given 2K/DENMARK a unique insight in selecting typefaces suitable for the Bible. As a natural extension we also do in-house design of typefaces, and we specialise in making highly readable typefaces for compact typesetting such as Bibles.

Reasons why 2K/DENMARK designs Bible typefaces

1. To obtain the best readability. We design typefaces optimised to be readable in small sizes, tight leading and printed on thin paper. This includes qualities like open inner forms, even strokes, large x-height etc. Looking at the excisting typefaces we have found that there where still room for improvement.

2. To obtain space efficiency. One of the major concerns when producing Bibles is page count. People prefer slim readable Bibles, rather than bulky unreadable ones. And controlling page count in Bibles comes down to an economical page design and to the space efficiency of the typeface used. 

3. The ability to carry the message of the Bible. The letters are the way you and I get in contact with the Word of God. "Upper case" was developed to perfection by the Romans around the time of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, "lower case" was refined during the Middle Ages by monks writing the Bible by hand. 2K/DENMARK has been inspired by this history and by the 500 years of development of typography. Our Bible typefaces are designed to serve one purpose; to contain the message of the Word of God.